Fusion is a fast growing business and we hire a new person on average every 6 weeks. Please see our current vacancies.

We know Fusion’s success is driven by our people. We’ve invested some time in examining exactly what it is that makes us so successful, so when we’re recruiting we know exactly what we’re looking for.

Our engineers and our leaders all carry the same key traits, you’ll find them below in The Fusion Factor. This is what we expect from all our staff, without exception.  In return, all of our people enjoy the journey that a Fusion Career can take them on.

Business Development Manager

Exceptional Opportunity for a Sales Professional to Drive Growth in the South Island. 

Senior Network Engineer

Take a leading role in our Network Engineering Team.

Expressions of Interest for Field Engineers

Our Field Engineering Team is growing, be part of this highly productive group of engineers.

HR Manager Helen Jorenon

Helen Cartwright
HR Manager, Engage Partners

To find out more about starting a Fusion Career, contact Helen and her team at Engage Partners on 0800 14 14 84 or send the contact form.

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The Fusion Factor

The traits that set our business apart, and that we expect all staff to actively practice and aspire to achieve.

Ownership – Advanced

  • As a senior team member you will always accept the consequences of own performance and never lay blame.
  • Furthermore you’ll be taking ownership of your own goals and performance, as well as contributing to the goals of others and to the wider Fusion team.
  • You should derive satisfaction from seeing the team succeed and the customers delighted.
  • We expect to see you work in collaboration with team members and take ownership of how the team behaves and the results it produces.
  • To really take ownership you’ll seek feedback and if you need to you’ll modify your own behaviour or approach to improve your performance.

Client Focus – Advanced

  • You’ll provide a sustained follow-up for all customer responsibilities, requests or issues.
  • You be available where possible when your customer is going through a critical period.
  • You’ll know how to uncover underlying needs that often go unspoken.
  • You try to identify the future needs of the client, looking at their business issues, thinking outside the box not just to service the customer, but to improve the customer’s overall situation.

Attention to Detail – Advanced

  • You will be confident and comfortable with the Fusion methodology for troubleshooting and escalating issues, and you will loop back around to ensure your solutions are appropriate and your customers are happy with their outcomes.
  • You will be reprioritising as new deadlines are set and situations change to ensure all tasks are completed to satisfactory levels.
  • You will seek guidance on the quality and the degree of completion required for new tasks and proactively look for feedback on customer satisfaction once complete.
  • You will create improvement methods to reduce errors or oversights or patterns that you have observed.

Integrity – Expert

  • Integrity is a vital part of our business.
  • You must earn a high level of trust in relationships.
  • You will show respect to others, you must adhere to the Fusion values and guidelines for conduct.
  • Keeping commitments that you’ve made to others is vital, being open and honest, and ensuring your actions are consistent with words are minimum standards at Fusion.
  • You must be honest; you must be respectful. You will never show no bias or tolerate prejudice.
  • Your advice will be sound, based on successful outcomes, putting the customer first.
  • Integrity is in the fabric of our DNA.