Our Commitment

I want to make a difference. I like to see customers, staff and myself succeed. It’s about striving and working to achieve a stretch goal in what you are aiming to do, the accomplishment of getting to where you weren’t before.

I’m committed to shift the New Zealand dial on IT, taking a leadership role to build a new generation of tech leaders. I believe many students will miss the career path into IT without some help, mentoring and inspiration – so at Fusion we’re  pioneering transformative IT education to create skilled IT professionals in our fast-moving sector.

– Andrew Gurr, Fusion MD

MD Andrew Gurr competes at a National level in various open and masters grade races throughout the year. Feb 9/10 Andrew Gurr joins Grey High head Andy England and Oxford Area School Principal Mike Hart from Christchurch to compete in the open men’s team section of the Coast to Coast. Entering the event is a celebration of learning with both schools participating in the Fusion Intern Pathway programme that Fusion is passionate about.

Bottom line is an outcome of how you look after customers.

We have an equal commitment to technology and to meet customer needs , evidenced by the range of next-generation IT solutions we provide to clients. We always want our customers end up in a better place than when they started.

We’re an independent lot and because we are agile; we can work in teams to bring the right combination of intelligence to bear on problem solving or the rapid resolution of critical issues.

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