Our Experts

Fusion engineers are the Ernest Rutherfords of ingenuity, the Hamiltons of jet boat invention: between us all we have years of experience. Whatever the problem or the issue to be solved, we listen and provide bespoke, enlightened and cost-effective business solutions for our clients.

Andrew Gurr, Managing Director

Andrew Gurr

Managing Director

Andrew Gurr has Architecture and Business Diplomas from Auckland University, and is working in his 5th business, in addition Andrew is champion open grade road cyclist. Never content with ordinary, some say Andrew is highly strung, others say he’s easily bored, but the truth is he just likes conquering new and greater challenges. He never considered himself smart at school, but has a thirst for detail, complexity and is highly self driven that has seen him excel at most of the things he attempts by determination, hard work and building strong teams. These skills have combined over the years and many businesses to cultivate in the outstanding growth that has been achieved by Fusion, something Andrew is very proud.

By his own admission Andrew is never content with adequate or average, his DNA is wired to challenge, drive and strive for more – direct these attributes on customers and you get a highly focused business that strives to achieve more. This culture permeates through Fusion and it’s DNA, and is driven directly from Andrew’s ethos towards service. A winning formula that has helped drive Fusion to success, and also helped Andrew succeed in his road cycling passion, winning his age group at the Round Lake Taupo race in 2014, winning his age group in the Counties Manukau Club Champs in 2015, and seeing him finish on the podium in many other local and regional races.

Dave Till, General Manager & Sales Director

Dave Till

General Manager & Sales Director

Dave Till has his commercial helicopter pilot’s license. That says something about his energy and commitment to positive outcomes when it comes to business. Dave is a commercially astute ICT and related Business development professional of more than 16 years and he's worked with Fusion for seven years. He combines a solid technical understanding of his specialty areas with fantastic people and networking skills and a commitment to building trusted relationships with clients and his work colleagues.

Dave’s approach is always innovative and he is first out of the hangar for emerging technologies. Dave is the guy you want to have as your pilot. He knows the New Zealand marketplace as well as his helicopter instruments for IT Infrastructure, Cloud Computing, Security, LAN & WAN Networking, Wireless, VoIP, Unified Communications, Data Centres, and End User (managed) services. Combining all of this with his understanding and knowledge of different vertical markets - enterprise spaces, education, Government and public sector - Dave is a valuable senior member of the Fusion team. He can fly you anywhere.

Nathan Bycroft, Senior Network Architect

Nathan Bycroft

Senior Network Architect

Nathan gives new meaning to the word wired. He is responsible for all engineering activities across the networks and he is the last point of call for all customers, a troubleshooter in the extreme. Nathan is regarded by clients and colleagues as the most detailed, meticulous and problem-solving engineer in the Fusion team. He has been in the business since its inception.

Nathan’s expertise has spanned the globe; literally analysing major networks around the world. He also comes from a Research and Development background, adding to his formidable skill set.

Outside the office Nathan is an ultra-marathon distance trail runner, regularly competing in up to 100 kilometres of rugged off-road racing across the country. He loves to run barefoot. An 8 hour run in the mountains is a fun run for him. His persistence, stamina, determination, and concentration to endure to the finishing line is utterly his hallmark.

Paul Demain, Senior Manager IS Services

Paul Demain

Senior Manager IS Services

Paul loves the challenge of problem solving and getting to the root cause of an issue. “We spend the time to fully understand why a problem occurs, or to create solutions to fix it, with everything we do designed to meet business needs.”

Paul is trained in computer engineering, has all sorts of IT qualifications, including industry qualifications from Microsoft to Citrix. He works in the networking / consulting side of things, including firewall configurations, but where he really comes into his element is his specialty area around security. He says he has a more paranoid view than most in that area.

“That is because when it comes to security the cost of a compromise is huge. The cliché is security versus usability, and getting the balance is the trick. Getting security right is hard and it takes time, yet most people don't realise it and take security for granted. When we come into a job dealing with non technical contractors it’s hardly top of mind, and often we review configurations and discover equipment installed by non-networking experts that's simply not deployed to best practice or security-enabled.”

Matt Elgar, Education Services Manager

Matt Elgar

Education Services Manager

Matt Elgar has been with Fusion Networks from the beginning of its partnership with the Manaiakalani digital learning programme. He has progressed from being a Field Engineer working with the first seven schools in the Tamaki cluster to today being in charge of a team of 12 Field Engineers working across more than 50 schools across New Zealand in the school outreach clusters. Matt also manages the first two Interns in Fusion Networks ground-breaking Intern Pathway (link)

Matt says his Mum was a teacher, he grew up around schools and has always been passionate about education and IT. Now he has the dream job where he can put the two together in one of the most innovative programmes in New Zealand education. “Working in low decile schools has added a huge amount to my understanding of different education needs.“

Matt’s a gym enthusiast and loves to travel. He says he likes that Fusion engineers break the stereotypes of “IT types sitting in backrooms”. The Manaiakalani programme demands Fusion engineers have both superlative IT skills but also they must be comfortable and flexible working with teachers, the students, and their families in local communities.

Aaron Reed, Head of Service Management & ICT Service Desk

Aaron Reed

Head of Service Management & ICT Service Desk

Aaron Reed is responsible for Fusion’s overall Service Management, including heading up ICT Service Desk. He’s a key member of the team, supporting Fusions' ability to provide agile support and assistance to clients whatever the complexity of their issue, from minor to massive impact.

Aaron brings 13 years industry experience across the IT spectrum. In his role Aaron ensures smooth operations in client facing spaces, providing the bespoke and quality solutions clients expect. Aaron works with senior team members to develop and improve Fusion’s service delivery and performance.

Within the company his focus is on architecting the way engineers work as individuals and as a team to best support each other’s work loads and broaden the scope of delivery. This includes managing career progression, in particular for the new Fusion Interns as they are now transitioning into the workforce already with significant hands-on experience, backed up with academic qualifications.

And like most of the Fusion high-octane team, when it comes to pursuits outside of the office, Aaron has a keen interest in sports cars and would love to get out on the track!

Susan Warren, Marketing Manager

Susan Warren

Marketing Manager

Susan has extensive experience as a senior marketer and brand strategist, working both in New Zealand and internationally. She is especially passionate about companies that are innovative and who have a broad commitment to driving both commercial and social capital. She loves that about Fusion Networks, a challenger brand which delivers far beyond its size for business results for its clients. On the values side Fusion Networks has a major role managing IT for the Manaiakalani digital learning programme for low decile schools around New Zealand – with its latest success to launch a school to workplace IT Intern Pathway for students.

Like many members of the Fusion team, Susan is a keen sports person and mountain biking is her latest passion. She brings the same energy and enthusiasm to the business to achieve ever greater goals as she does to exploring the latest trails around the country.

Josephine Chang, Financial Controller

Josephine Chang

Financial Controller

Jo, a chartered accountant, looks after the finance division for Fusion and keeps the team on track. She is passionate about number crunching. She is a real self-starter, fitting in well with the innovative spirit at Fusion. She is a consummate professional, coming to Fusion two years ago from Ingersoll Rand, and previously Ernst and Young, where her colleagues have described her variously as smart, hardworking, and an asset to any business!

In her spare time Jo also loves travelling and runs her own travel business, bringing in honeymooners to New Zealand from India. She is learning to ride horses, and being an energetic person also does Bachata dancing, a Latin American dance similar to Salsa.