Innovation, Quality: shared values for business partnership

Case Study: Calder Stewart – March 2017

Innovation, Quality: shared values for business partnership


Construction Company Calder Stewart is a family-owned business that’s been operating for more than 60 years in the New Zealand market. It specialises in designing and building for industrial, commercial, rural and public sector construction markets.

The company shares some business values with its IT provider Fusion Networks: innovation and quality. Calder Stewart commits to ‘build it the right way.’ Like Fusion it also has a strong community spirit and track record of involvement in local projects where it operates.

With their head offices located in Milton, Otago, along with regional offices in Auckland, Christchurch, Ashburton and Invercargill, it is not surprising Calder Stewart requires excellent data services and reliable networking and communications.

In the past six years the company’s IT requirements have doubled – now supporting 250 users nationwide. With this increase there’s been a lot of pressure for the networks and phones to keep pace with these expanding needs.

Fusion Networks has met these growing requirements, providing all of the company’s land networking, wireless and Shoretel phone system requirements. This includes the standardisation of Calder Stewart’s entire LAN network, along with upgrading its switching infrastructure and diagnostic technology.

IT Manager Shane Donnelly says: “Fusion has kept pace and grown with us. Fusion staff know what they are doing and understand our needs. If there’s any problem it’s that they exceed our expectations in providing options whilst solving issues that we raise with them!”

Business Challenge

Having access into the core network using mobile data is critical, because of the size of the business and its diversity, says Shane Donnelly.

Next IT developments will canvas the options around the WAN and landline options, with mobile management and phones a priority for all of the Calder Stewart sites.

That is especially so with the whole IT system now integrated into one Data Centre and everything driven centrally.

The WAN also has to support Disaster Recovery (DR).

Next steps and lessons learned

“We’ve been dealing with one Account Manager and one Engineer for seven years. We work as a partnership to ensure any solution that we discuss is successfully implemented and meets our current and future needs.”
– Shane Donnelly, IT Manager

New Hoyts three-level, seven-screen and dining complex

Calder Stewart is developing post quake the new Hoyts three-level, seven movie-screen and dining complex in the heart of Christchurch. It’s a 10,800sq metre complex on a 4500sq metre site on the corner of Colombo, Lichfield and Tuam Streets. Before the earthquakes the site contained a row of small shops.

One of the city’s biggest construction companies, Calder Stewart negotiated the deal with Hoyts after the movie company’s quake-damaged complex and the old railway station on Moorhouse Ave on the outskirts of the CBD were demolished four years ago.



Calder Stewart: A national market leader in design and build construction projects, with a history spanning over half a century. An environmentally conscious company focusing on energy efficiency and sustainability in its work practices.


  • Provide IT services for 250 users increased from 130 over six years
  • Set the systems up
  • Access into the core network using mobile data.
  • Investigate WAN and landline options/address mobile management and phones, especially now there’s an integrated system.
  • Ensure the WAN supports Disaster Recovery (DR).

Business Results

A LAN, Wireless and Phone system that is reliable, flexible, has capacity to grow, has built in redundancy and is secure.

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Innovation, Quality: shared values for business partnership

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