World first for SCATS®, the benchmark in urban traffic

Case Study: Dunedin City Council, Summer 2017

World first for SCATS®, the benchmark in urban traffic
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“When we launched there was not one hiccup, and there hasn’t been one since.”
– Hjarne Poulsen, Transportation Safety Team Leader, Dunedin City Council

When Fusion Networks began working with the Dunedin City Council (DCC) on its traffic control system, the Council was using SCATS®, which was simply a ‘black box’ in the basement, according to Hjarne Poulsen, Transportation Safety Team Leader.

“We were running the 89 traffic signals for Dunedin city, but it was a major challenge because no one in the Council really knew what the SCATS® system was, and didn‘t want to touch it in case it broke. We knew we had an asset, but IT no longer supported the programme…”

Fusion manages SCATS® servers for DCC and Wellington City Council. Fusion also provides managed circuits to traffic lights for Auckland Transport, NZTA across NZ, Christchurch, Tauranga and Nelson City Councils, along with a selection of other regional councils.

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