Taking an Innovative Approach Towards Cyber Resilience

According to to Cyber Security Ventures, cyber security is the greatest threat being faced by organisations of any size across the globe, significantly impacting the economic, financial and operational aspects of society.

Our Cyber Security Lead Architect Francis Kaitano, says that the statistics and numbers reflecting this impact have been reported in major reports and publications, for example:

  • “Cybercrime will cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021.” Cyber Security Ventures
  • “27.4%, Net increase in average annual number of security breaches.” Accenture & Ponemon Institute
  • “The average cost of cybercrime globally climbed to $11.7 million per organisation in 2017, a 23 percent increase from $9.5 million reported in 2016, and represents a staggering 62 percent increase in the last five years.” Accenture & Ponemon Institute

Francis says that in general, we are more connected, and the digital footprint is now much larger than before, thereby providing a bigger attack footprint and surface. This calls for new strategic, innovative and operational approaches towards designing, implementing and running enterprise cyber security capabilities.

He agrees with with Kelly Bissell’s (Accenture Security) sentiments:

“Keeping pace with these more sophisticated and highly motivated attacks demands that organisations adopt a dynamic, nimble security strategy that builds resilience from the inside out – versus only focusing on the perimeter – with an industry-specific approach that protects the entire value chain, end-to-end.”

At Fusion Networks when it comes to Cyber Security Francis Kaitano says the main goal is to ensure the delivery of resilient yet innovative business, enabling security capabilities driven by practical investment drivers and decisions.

“We work closely with our existing and new customers using both strategic and operational approaches. We design and build robust and resilient cyber security capabilities by helping our customers to take a broader business perspective for example whether managing  risk, people, processes, services or change management,” he says.