Building Digital Trust an ongoing priority

At the conclusion World Economic Forum annual meeting in Davos last week, global leaders discussed various issues ranging from global trade, migration, the environment, the effects of the 4th industrial revolution on the socio-economic set up. One of the key topics raised at the Forum was Digital Trust.

This area is increasingly critical and  a differentiator for those leaders who will successfully take their digital and data transformation initiatives to the next level in a sustainable manner.

“Organisations must be adaptable to the pace of technological and consumer changes.” Francis Kaitano, Fusion’s Cyber Security Lead Architect.

Last year Francis reported on the PwC’s Digital Trust Insights Report 2018. He  highlighted the need for organisations to adopt a more proactive and holistic approach in building cyber resilience, digital trust, compliance, and integrating into business drivers and goals security and continuous risk management .

The Report is a summary of interviews of over 3000 business, technology and security leaders from 81 geographies. It shows that while most businesses are currently not doing enough to build digital trust, there are clear opportunities to do so.

Francis says in a discussion on the four types of leaders who will thrive in the 4th industrial revolution, Punit Renjen Global Chief Executive Officer, Deloitte highlights that:

“Executives expressed a genuine commitment to improving the world. Leaders rated societal impact as the most important factor when evaluating their organisations’ annual performance, ahead of financial performance and customer or employee satisfaction.

“In the past year, nearly three-quarters of respondents said their organisations had taken steps to make or change products or services with societal impact in mind. Many are motivated by the promise of new revenue and growth” quotes Francis.

The following discussions by Microsft’s CEO Satya Nadella and Saleforce’s CEO Marc Benioff highlight some interesting perspectives for leaders to assimilate and take into consideration when thinking about the role of digital trust in a hyperconnected world.

  1. Digital Transformation and Trust : A conversation with Satya Nadella
  2. Digital Transformation and Trust : A conversation with Marc Benioff