Strength through Simplification: Taming Cyber Security Complexity in 2019

Cybersecurity in 2018 can be best described in one word: complex. Yes, complexity has infiltrated every phase of the cybersecurity landscape this year, from bloated and expensive IT infrastructures to sophisticated cyber-attack methods, too complicated compliance mandates. The aftermath of the complexity epidemic has caused countless data breaches, exacerbated the cybersecurity skills shortage, and left organizations of all sizes struggling with ineffective security programs.

Read this blog by Zach Malone, security engineer, FireMon.

He says it’s time we right the ship that has been taking on water for years.

“And I believe 2019 will be the year that cloud providers, security vendors, and organizations will all make great strides toward simplifying, yet strengthening, security. Here are three predictions detailing how this will unfold in the New Year:

  1. Cloud providers will adopt a “security By default” approach to reduce user error.
  2. Organizations will revert back to Security basics.
  3. Companies will favor all-in-one security devices over standalone point products.

Less is more

Cyber-crime attacks are getting more frequent and more effective. To gain the upper hand over malicious actors, we must replace security complexity with a simplified, streamlined approach to infrastructure and operations. Only then can we make cybersecurity programs simpler, stronger and more effective at reducing risk.”