Forrester Study: Security Through Simplicity

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Technology can make things overly complex. Even with the best of intentions, there can be too much of a good thing. In the world of cybersecurity, complexity has been a mainstay, but in recent years, it has grown beyond its breaking point and has become a liability for security practitioners.

Read this recent Forrester study, titled Security Through Simplicity (Dec. 2018) – commissioned by the Microsoft Security team. It clearly shows that digital transformation, while necessary for business success, compounds the complexity of an already tangled security threat landscape. However, the study also found a correlation between vendor consolidation and strategy modernization to reduce security complexity.

By surveying nearly 500 IT decision-makers, Forrester Consulting discovered that having many different security solutions in place for on-premises and cloud infrastructure reduces visibility and makes central management more difficult. In this commissioned thought leadership paper, Security Through Simplicity, you’ll see how reducing complexity by modernizing and consolidating your solutions can allow you to actually reap the benefits of your digital transformation.

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