Has your business invested in cloud services to give you the business edge you deserve? Is your business embracing infrastructure-as-a-service by migrating its internal services into the cloud?

We are experienced in helping business to get set up in the cloud. Our cloud services allow enterprises to focus on their core business and let us get on with managing all of the support infrastructure.

We provide fast, reliable and secure cloud services, with service-based storage on demand.

Demand for Fusion cloud services has been so strong we now have two clouds in separate locations for additional security, with data is metered by use, and we provide a full data protection and recovery service.

Having our own cloud capability gives us end-to-end control of the total environment for our clients’ technology needs. We are committed to understanding the exact services an enterprise requires, then we proactively design, build, employ, manage and monitor a world-class customised cloud solution.

To ensure top of the line quality Fusion uses a Cisco UCS platform and EMC SAN (Storage Area Network), with EMC data domains for backup. Customer virtual environments can be easily scaled over time so clients only use what they need, and can scale when required.

We structure bespoke cloud solutions to meet your requirements using our own standards of international best practices and frameworks.

Hosted Cloud Services

Fusion’s cloud platforms are located in two separate sites in Albany and Hamilton connected directly together to and via the Fusion national WAN. We offer the ultimate in resilient, state-of-the-art high availability solutions.

Having two clouds ensures the ultimate in DR (disaster recovery) given the physical diversity of the environments. Since we built our clouds we’ve had 100% uptime performance. And unlike other players in the business, we are a wholly owned New Zealand company and our clouds are 100% in New Zealand. Our hosted solutions include:

  • Fully managed or partially managed VMs
  • Full OS and Application monitoring and management
  • Full suite of Microsoft Office and RDS solutions
  • HyperV and VM options
  • On-site to cloud backups
  • Full on-site cloud backup and off-site secondary backup
  • DR (disaster recovery) across our two cloud platforms
  • Full range of Microsoft Office 365 solutions, including migration services
  • Anti spam solutions for on-site and cloud.

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