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Businesses are facing dire challenges from digital disruption. Savvy organisations know they must address and improve their enterprise security capabilities. Increasingly businesses need to assure their clients they have robust cyber security.

We believe organisations should design and build security in ways that are seamless and integrated across their digital channels and platforms so that clients can have total trust in the business.

Is your business protected from security threats associated with an increased digital footprint and accelerated rate of change?
How mature and proactive is your cyber security and risk management posture?
Are you simply ticking the box on risk management as an IT issue, or do you recognise that customer trust in your cyber security and data protection profile is key for gaining competitive advantage?
How committed is your business to continuous improvement of your cyber risk management framework?

Security Leadership, Strategy and Oversight

Typically organisations invest in cyber security after isolated technical reviews at single points in time, or they undertake tactical projects separate from strategic and day-to-day operational activities.

Our experts and consultants have developed a common-sense framework, that will take your business on a sensible cyber journey, framed around your business drivers, addressing your risks not just today but through time.

We offer highly specialised and dedicated intelligence and resources to help you navigate the complexity of security options. We provide integrated, simplified and robust ways to improve the cyber security profile of your business.

Cyber Security Resilience

Fusion services are built to help our customers build the basics to ensure they are better prepared to detect and identify cyber incidents, deflect, minimise or eliminate threats, and endure unavoidable attacks successfully.

It’s not a matter of “if” but “when” that a business will face a serious security breach. By proactively building and implementing cyber resilience measures, your business can significantly mitigate the effects of cyber threats and breaches. We take a holistic approach to cyber security innovation. Your business survival is predicated on the speed and proactivity with which you identify and respond to mitigate secruity breaches.

Continuous Security Risk Management and Assurance 

We believe security should be built on a foundation of doing the basics right. We find many businesses have a tick the box approach. That’s not the Fusion Way.

Instead we advocate a continuous improvement approach for risk management framework. This will give you visibility of risks and threats across your entire value and supply chain. It allows you to make simple improvements to your procedures that contribute to strategic and technology changes that will deliver successful customer centric services.

You can manage regulatory, process improvements, and critical asset protection requirements with minimal pain relative to your unique business drivers.

Enlightened cyber security risk management will help you command customer trust and growth and consolidate competitive advantage.

Security Threat Management and Testing

The intensity of cyber attacks is increasing with each passing day. Traditional organisational boundaries are disappearing. As a result organisations can no longer remain safe within their own boundaries or ecosystems. We work with our customers to deliver proactive threat and vulnerability management strategies an approaches.

We deliver continuous security testing services that identify threat and vulnerabilities to key systems and processes, while at the same time providing simple and easy to understand reports highlighting quantifiable risks and practical remediation plans.

Technical Security, Engineering and Operations

Fusion offers clients a broad range of security engineering and operational services aimed at simplifying and optimising the complexities of managing security during projects, during project release phases, and post project, going live in BAU mode.

Security Project Design and Delivery

Building and running a security project or programme of work is a daunting task for most organisations. Balancing the security project delivery milestones versus other business BAU and in-flight digital transformation initiatives is a tough ask.

We make it easy for our customers to deliver successful cyber security uplift programmes or projects, from conception to delivery, using agile methodologies and reputable security frameworks. We also provide security resources that can be embedded within your various projects to ensure that security is backed into the project life cycle.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

The proliferation of cloud, mobile, data, social, API, Blockchain (ledgers) and IoT services has led to the demand of new approaches for managing identities and access. We believe that Identity and Access Management is the new security frontier and we help our customers to identify their drivers and best approaches/architectures for building robust IAM capabilities.

Cyber Security Training and Awareness

Security is as strong as its weakest link. Attackers usually exploit human ingenuity to break into organisations. At the same time some of the major breaches which have occurred in the last decade have resulted from people falling prey to advance phishing attacks; failing to take on board security guidelines when implementing systems; or downloading online software or services.

Educating and arming your team with knowledge of relevant security threats and risks, creates a front-line protection layer. Our services are designed to educate your different stakeholders, top-down in a manner which will raise the security culture within your organisation. By driving security through a culture-based approach, we ensure that everyone is on-board and motivated to make security part of their DNA and intuition.

Francis Kaitano, Fusion Cyber Security Lead Architect

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Fusion Cyber Foundations Package

Great security starts with building the right security hygiene for your business. Doing the basics right should not be hampered by the traditional cost burdens associated with compliance and tick box security approaches.

Fusion Cyber Foundations is a business and risk driven yet cost-effective package, designed for our customers. It will enable you to gain visibility of security hygiene and the foundation controls required to better protect your critical business assets. At the same time you can take a step in the right direction to build robust security capabilities. Customers can purchase the package as a whole or customise it – On Demand in a manner which best fit with your business, resource and budget requirements. This lowers the cost burden but provides the flexibility to get access to our experts as required.

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