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Moving into a digital learning environment is driving a huge changeup in student’s education performance.

We are passionate about learning journeys.

Fusion has created a unique ICT support framework and associated support tools that support a school’s journey into 1:1 learning, both infrastructure, and from an HR perspective, bringing students, teachers, and the schools’ local communities into the new digital learning environment.

“Coming into our school, Fusion Networks was able to help in every single aspect of getting our school fully digital, it’s been seamless process,” Nigel Davis, Principal Wesley Intermediate School, Auckland.

Fusion has been part of the Manaiakalani Outreach Programme from the beginning. We’ve developed a custom and unique ICT support framework and associated support tools, with a flexible pricing model designed to support school’s journey into 1:1 learning. In addition our custom on-line tools provide schools full visibility of all our activity, status and resolution. The integration of schools’ devices and IT administration into the Fusion tool provides schools with efficient IT asset and report tracking.

Check out the Manaiakalani Programme.

Lighting up learning with technology

Andy England, Principal at Grey High, says the Manaiakalani Programme is totally enabling. He says he couldn’t speak highly enough of the level of communication, the quality of service and professionalism of Fusion’s management of the programme. The success of digital learning environments is heavily dependent on reliability of the network supporting the learners.

“Fusion staff make sure there are no hiccups, no breakdowns, simply everything works. There are 530 students and 70 staff at Grey High, many with multiple devices….”

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