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Moving into a digital learning environment is driving a huge changeup in student’s education performance.

Fusion is the go to tech expert for the Manaiakalani digital learning programme, disrupting the provision of traditional IT support for schools, with an ICT framework and tools that combine infrastructure and ICT support.

“Coming into our school, Fusion Networks was able to help in every single aspect of getting our school fully digital, it’s been seamless process,” Nigel Davis, Principal Wesley Intermediate School, Auckland.

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Tamaki College Principal Soana Akolotu Pamaka is a 2018 recipient of the Blake Leader Award

Soana’s leadership is seen clearly in the digital teaching and learning revolution going on at Tamaki College. As the first fully digital learning secondary school in NZ, Soana has been willing and open to the new opportunities that digital learning has given both teachers and students.

She has encouraged and enabled Fusion Networks to break down barriers to enable transformative learning pathways. Students can choose a future in DigiTech, with the IT Academy, and Intern programmes, co created between the College, Fusion and the Manaiakalani programme, now a credible vocational model for the sector, with IT a feasible career choice.

All of the many programmes and innovations in place at Tamaki College are there because Soana is open to considering any new approach or tool that might benefit her students. She encourages her staff and school community to think broadly and speak up if they see any way to give students a winning edge and a positive future.


Lighting up learning with technology

Andy England, Principal at Grey High, says the Manaiakalani Programme is totally enabling. He says he couldn’t speak highly enough of the level of communication, the quality of service and professionalism of Fusion’s management of the programme. The success of digital learning environments is heavily dependent on reliability of the network supporting the learners.

“Fusion staff make sure there are no hiccups, no breakdowns, simply everything works. There are 530 students and 70 staff at Grey High, many with multiple devices….”

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