Do you need to make your network more responsive to application and user needs?

Our clients want to design their networks to meet the connectivity and service requirements of a wide range of increasingly dynamic applications. To do that they need the network to be policy-driven, programmable, scalable, and automated.

Fusion has invested heavily in the development of our own infrastructure, enabling us to provide completely customised WAN solutions. Not only do we deliver and manage our own networks; all our services are fully monitored and managed by our in-house senior network operations team. This team also controls our range of in-house and best practice monitoring and performance related tools.

We deliver, audit, design and support some of the largest wireless deployments in New Zealand including tertiary, community wifi, and enterprise environments. Talk to us about your network requirements so we can customise exactly what you want.

Fusion has been a Chorus Retail Service Provider (RSP) for more than five years. Our national network extends from Dunedin to Auckland with four POPs across New Zealand. We are interconnected with most Tier 1 and many Tier 2 carriers and providers across the country.

The components we use to build custom network solutions for customers include:
  • Data circuits – including Fibre UFB VDSL and DSL
  • Mobile Data connections including high bandwidth applications
  • Business grade uncapped internet
  • Custom national WAN configuration between sites, data centres and the Internet
  • Hosted firewalls and VPN security solutions
  • Hosted IP voice and SIP services
  • Hosted IP CCTV solutions
  • Hosted content filtering
  • Wireless Networks
  • Wireless technologies have enabled businesses schools and communities to deliver mobility services to users. As a technology wireless can be a blessing and an issue.
  • We have reviewed, used and maintained most vendor solutions, 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz through to Wimx technologies.

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