The Manaiakalani Education Trust was set up in 2011, championing the award winning programme that’s transforming student’s education in low decile schools.

Fusion Networks has been a key innovative supporter and supplier of the unique digital learning programme from its inception, designing and developing a unique range of technology services honed specifically for the challenges associated with the Manaiakalani programme.

Our engineers manage the programme across New Zealand. The success of digital learning environments is heavily dependent on reliability of the network supporting the learner. The programme focuses on 1:1 on-line learning. Students use iPads and Chromebooks, teachers use PCs, and there are shared classroom computers.

Fusion’s dedicated Education Services Leader Matt Elgar, says  working with Manaikalani schools is an even bigger challenge than working with corporate clients, pushing the limits of technology “if you can imagine for example 30 kids all going on You Tube at once….”

Manaiakalani is supported by philanthropy, the government, and national and local businesses, including Fusion Networks.

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Pat Snedden is Chairman of the Manaiakalani Education Trust. He says the Trust has been heavily involved in various technology initiatives with Fusion from outset including community wifi, school infrastructure, IT support and internet services.

“We rate Fusion and their MD Andrew Gurr very highly. Andrew has invested in partnering with us. The Fusion team has helped us conceive and disrupt normal practice to advance to these groups, solutions, many of which are ingenious. We have developed solutions to provide some of the poorest of New Zealanders a 21st century digital capability. We have a huge appreciation of what they do, they actually listen.”

– Pat Snedden, Chairman, Manaiakalani Education Trust

“I wanted to let you know that at a recent Board meeting, the Manaiakalani Education Trust acknowledged the sterling job Fusion Networks Ltd provides for Manaiakalani and its Outreach clusters. Trustees expressed their sincere thanks to you in particular for all your effort and commitment – and for so often going well beyond the call of duty to support what we are doing. It is great to have you so connected with us in this way. Your sage advice, your patience and your winning personality are always greatly appreciated!”

– Jenny Oxley, Chief Executive, Manaiakalani Education Trust

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