Tele-operated flight test of EHANG 184, Guangzhou

This is what our General Manager Dave Till has asked Santa for this Christmas!

At the Global Broadband Forum in London, EHANG and Huawei live broadcasted this tele-operated flight test of EHANG 184 in Guangzhou. With beyond-visual-range control, data transmission and flight supported by the commercial 4.5G network, the passenger drone completed a 200m route flight autonomously.

The EHang 184 is a compact metal and glass pod outfitted with eight propellers. The self-steering, single-passenger craft could begin buzzing through the skies of Dubai as early as next year, says Hu Huazhi, the 40-year-old chain-smoking founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of EHang, a Guangzhou-based maker of drones. The rulers of the Arab city-state want one-quarter of all transport to be autonomous by 2030 and are in talks with EHang about supplying a fleet of air taxis.