Our Coast to Coast Open Men’s team section monstered it, 5th in division and 17th overall!

What a fantastic result, a two day quest, flying the flag for digital learning and a winning approach to edutech!

The annual Kathmandu Coast to Coast starting at Kumara On the West Coast, crossing the main divide and finishing on the East Coast in Brighton, Christchurch. 243 kilometres running, cycling and kayaking.

Fusion MD Andrew Gurr (cyclist) Greymouth High School principal Andy England (Kayak) and Oxford Area School Principal Mike Hart (runner) from Christchurch.

How it all went….

* Start line, Kumara beach
* Kumara Junction transition (run-cycle)
* Aickins transition (cycle-run)
* Klondyke Corner transition/overnight (run-cycle)
* Mount White Bridge transition (cycle-kayak)
* Waimakariri Gorge Bridge transition (kayak-cycle)
* Finish line, New Brighton Beach

The Race for our team reverse order, commentary Andrew Gurr. On completion:

Thanks again for an awesome and memorable time at C2C. Would never had thought to do this without being asked, so grateful for the opportunity.

As the pain in my legs as eased my memories of the few days has grown, I rate this as one of the best racing experiences I’ve ever had, – the company, scenery, weather, and of course the racing were all awesome.

I rode out of my skin on reflection, according to Stava (excluding the transition) I averaged 39.3k/hr on the 72k ride, the fastest I’ve ridden over that distance.”

Recounting  race highlights from end to finish:

C2C day 2 cycle, kayak, cycle

Final ride: “Picked up wicked young dude and monstered it with another 2 up. Poked. Team 5th in division and 17th overall. Great team result.”

End of the kayak Waimakariri Gorge Bridge transition to cycle

Andy off on 5hr kayak.

* Mount White Bridge transition (cycle-kayak)

Waiting for pickup

Mint day again. Finished 15k Ride, took off with 1 other rider and caught / passed over 3 groups. Back at camp waiting for pickup..


Day 1 cycle run 

Great run from Mike, and good bike. Finished in first peloton. Just 6 up the road ahead of big group.

The run over Goat’s Pass

Waiting for Mike to come in

Here he comes

And he’s in – champion!

* Klondyke Corner transition/overnight (run-cycle)

The race begins 

Ready for 7am start. Beautiful day awaits on the coast.


* Start line, Kumara beach
* Kumara Junction transition (run-cycle)

Pre race shake down this arvo.

Ready to go. Pre race safety briefing done.

Watch our team go….

 Getting pepared