June Newsletter: Simplified Cyber Security Journeys

Building digital trust and cyber security resilience is no longer just an IT issue, it’s a business mandate. Fusion brings a simplified approach to clients’ cyber security and data protection needs, looking beyond isolated compliance into developing and maintaining sensible business-wide security capabilities.

Are you interested in a business and risk-driven review?
Let Fusion:
Provide visibility into the business drivers and oversight of cyber security
Identify and detect critical business assets and the associated threats and vulnerabilities
Measure the effectiveness of current security controls
Benchmark the current state security practice’s maturity and ability to protect, respond, contain and recover to cyber threats and attacks
Produce practical, measurable and actionable outcomes and reports


We are delighted to welcome Cyber Security Lead Architect Francis Kaitano to the Fusion team.

Francis is adamant that organisations should design and build security in ways that are seamless and integrated across their digital channels and platforms so that their clients can have total trust in the business. He believes in building simple and practical cyber strategies and roadmaps aimed at enabling organisations to deliver enterprise and risk-based security programmes. Francis leads Fusion’s security experts to work in partnership with clients to put in place strategies and frameworks for proactively identifying, detecting, reacting and containing attacks. They also build and define measurable metrics that will provide key stakeholders with enterprise cyber resilience and attack preparedness controls.