Tomorrow’s Schools Review, Ngā Kura mō Āpōpō: He Arotake

Bali Haque is leading the Taskforce Review into the structure of schools for the next 30 years. Our MD Andrew Gurr is  a member on one of the Education Advisory Panels, and he says this is a great summary video from Bali Haque.

Tomorrow’s Schools was the name given to the reforms that dramatically changed the governance, management and administration of our schools nearly 30 years ago. It’s all part of the national Education Conversation | Kōrero Mātauranga.

The Review is wide ranging. It looks at the way our schooling system works, and whether it meets the needs and aspirations of all learners.
Over five months, the Taskforce has met with over 200 groups around the country, 2,275 people completed the online surveys, 85 formal submissions were received, and there were 1,389 comments on social media posts. They have also met with politicians from all sides, and with the Cross-Sector Advisory Panel four times.

Common themes from the consultation and engagement are around school Board and Ministry of Education capability, community representation, student voice, cultural responsiveness, funding, resourcing, collaboration, enrolment, zoning, choice and competition.

…Bali Haque says the building block of Tomorrow’s Schools is the Board of Trustees…2500 independent entities around New Zeand…..he says the Boards work better for higher decile schools than lower decile schools – he asks: “Can we strengthen Boards more…?”

“We are working through key questions…..”

  • He raises the idea of “clusters”…multi disciplinary teams in local hubs to give schools access to the support students need;  it also means  more important decisions could be made in the local context…
  • The need for less competition between schools and much more collaboration…
  • Teacher supply – without quality teachers it’s hard to make progress at all….

“The Task Force has a lot to think about says Bali Haque….”

“Equity and Excellence – we need to ensure that every child where ever and who ever they are, receives the best quality education possible…..”

The Task Force is independent of any Government party. Bali Haque says thank you for everyone who has contributed.

Watch the video

The Review is being carried out by an Independent Taskforce of experts appointed by the Minister of Education in April 2018. The Taskforce is now in the process of developing its recommendations to the Minister. The key theme of the report will be equity and excellence.

The Taskforce is due to report back to the Minister in 9 November 2018.