“Australia gains the top score on regulations supportive of AVs”​ according to KPMG

KPMG has released its 2019 Autonomous Vehicles (AV) Readiness Index that compares selected nations on progress and capacity for adopting automated vehicle technology. It uses four measures that are vital to the adoption and integration of automated vehicles:

1.     policy and legislation

2.     technology and innovation

3.     infrastructure

4.     consumer acceptance.

Australia’s work on automated vehicle related policy and legislation has been noted by KPMG . The report states: “Australia gains the top score on regulations supportive of AVs and there have been broader signs of change on policy and legislation.”

Read this commentary by Dr Geoff Allan Acting Chief Executive National Transport Commission (NTC). The work to develop a cohesive regulatory system for automated vehicles is led by NTC.

Australian transport ministers have tasked the NTC to work with their departments to develop a nationally-consistent end-to-end regulatory system to support the safe, commercial deployment of automated vehicles at all levels of automation.

The work of the NTC is progressing strongly as we are designing a regulatory framework that:

  • is based on the existing system of regulating vehicles and drivers;
  • uses the Australian Government’s powers to regulate an automated driving system at first supply;
  • works with the state laws, including insurance laws, that regulate a driver and the vehicle; and
  • creates a new legal entity called the Automated Driving System Entity (ADSE) and places appropriate safety and commercial obligations on this entity to manage the risks of a vehicle when operated in automated mode.

This proposed approach will ensure that we can seamlessly regulate automated vehicles in a safe and consistent manner when:

  • imported
  • registered
  • operated on roads
  • maintained or repaired
  • sharing information or data from the vehicle
  • interacting with police or emergency vehicles
  • involved in a collision
  • it reaches the end of the vehicle’s useful operating life.

For more information on the NTC’s work on automated vehicles, visit our website: www.ntc.gov.au/roads/technology/automated-vehicles-in-australia/