AI Day 2019 – Unforgettable conference and inspirational workshops

Franz Lomibao; Machine Learning Software Developer at Fusion Networks

“These past two weeks I have met with cutting edge companies and outstanding leaders pushing technology in collaboration with creativity using powerful tools with novel solutions in AI and machine learning. Data and machine learning while powerful require careful curations moving forward which was explicitly emphasised during the conference and I could not agree more and is a tool with great merit if utilised well. I am profoundly happy and excited about the future with great leaders taking the helm and full responsibility steering the ship which can make New Zealand world class in this field. Lastly, what a difference a year or so could make.

I am grateful for Fusion Networks New Zealand and Andrew Gurr for giving me this opportunity to represent a powerful and forward-thinking company and to be part of the conversation about the future. Justin Flitter creating events to help me shape my future and show me a world of possibility beyond today. Isuru W. Fernando for being the first spark of creativity that launched me to a career of a lifetime. Amber Taylor and Auckland University of Technology for seeing more in me and my projects that gave me the confidence to believe in myself to pursue tomorrow.”


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