Reinventing the Internet to Secure the Digital Economy

The Internet is growing fragile
Since its introduction, the Internet has been a fundamental pillar of the modern world, a catalyst for increased connectivity and innovations that continue to evolve and drive economic growth.

But today, the Internet is facing many challenges. Malicious cybercriminals threaten the security of the digital economy, which becomes more fragile with each attack. The Internet, which was once a tool for information sharing and communication, has grown increasingly complex, and new, digital innovations are outpacing the ability to keep it secure. Trust in our digital economy now hangs in the balance, putting significant value at risk.

For CEOs, the task is clear: Build a trustworthy digital economy that safeguards our future prosperity.

Read this Report by Omar Abbosh, Group Chief Executive, Accenture Communications, Media & Technology.

The Report details research findings on how CEOs can build a safer, more trustworthy Internet, ensuring a more secure digital economy.

“The stakes are high. We’ve found that a trusted digital economy could stimulate 2.8 percent in additional growth for large organizations over the next five years, translating into $5.2 trillion in value creation opportunities for society as a whole. CEOs can capitalize on this opportunity and build a new digital economy that stands on a foundation of trust. Here’s how….”

Read the Full Research Report from Accenture Strategy: