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Five for February

At Fusion we live to support each other and our customers 100%. So when we find something good, we like to share! This month we've listed our favourite sites and apps (old and new) for 2021.

Don't be fooled by the name - this isn't a meme site. What it is, is a curation of key tech highlights and news from around the globe. With a focus on the leading edge of technology, once automated, Techmeme now incorporates editors as well, to curate the most influential and key pieces of technology news across the web.

"Techmeme remains independent, bootstrapped, and privately held, a point of differentiation in an increasingly complicated tech media landscape"

With several view options (from full articles to a running timeline of headlines) Techmeme will keep you on the pulse in everything tech.

Only very recently launched, Go is a new app designed to connect people with places and "to explore their world, create new connections, find fulfillment, and rediscover their own self-worth."

Created to help prevent FOMO rather than build it, New Zealand is the testing ground for a new kind of social technology, and we're here for it. Users can add any event or activity they're attending or hosting and choose who to share with (public or friends). By setting your interests you'll receive a customised feed of things to do in your area, and see the like minded individuals also getting amongst it. Real connections in real time.

If you love curated content but want a wider mix (or just prefer using apps)? Flipboard is for you. Customised content delivered straight to your handset, Flipboard incorporates a wide range of information based on your selected interests, including social media, news and magazine articles. Our guys love it as a one stop shop for everything newsworthy.

A subsite of, (an online learning platform) The Learn blog offers insights for tech enthusiasts into how to learn, as well as quick tricks and best practice across a range of subjects, from Python coding to bitcoin to Mailchimp. Written primarily by the founders of One Month, the content is useful for pretty much anyone slightly interested in technology or digital. At Fusion, we're currently reading about Python, and following their podcasts (also available via the One Month Youtube Channel)

If you are interested in, manage or work on a business network, this is for you. Itential's resource library contains a raft of information on a variety of network related topics, you'll be entranced for days. Network evolution is a hot topic at the moment, but for good reason. Our networks today are responsible for so many other technologies in our business, the strength of our operation lies here. Itential are firmly behind next-generation, agile network operations, with automation as a solution to optimise infrastructure operations and growth.

Watch the videos, listen to the pod casts, read the white papers and get deep into automation.


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