Networks – Our Core Business

We've been designing, building and managing large and complex network services for Government Agencies and private enterprise for more than 10 years.

Components we use to build custom network solutions include:

  • Data circuits – including Fibre UFB VDSL and DSL
  • Mobile Data connections including high bandwidth applications
  • Business grade uncapped internet
  • Custom national WAN configuration between sites, data centres and the Internet
  • Hosted firewalls and VPN security solutions
  • Hosted IP voice and SIP services
  • Hosted IP CCTV solutions
  • Hosted content filtering
  • Wireless Networks
  • We have reviewed, used and maintained most vendor solutions, 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz through to Wimx technologies.

Fusion’s hallmark is our proven ability to deliver secure, high performance wireless connectivity, combined with highly resilient WAN solutions, ensuring efficient and granular cloud-first connectivity.

Our services are leading edge and future focused, combining the best options available today for Wireless and WAN optimisation and connectivity. The depth of skills and quality vendor relationships allow us to carefully craft bespoke solutions for clients.

At Fusion we believe reliability and simplicity drives outstanding customer experiences and that security must be integrated into and across all networks from end-to-end. The result from embedding security is a diverse range of standard and uplift solutions across our network services. We provide clients full visibility and significant self-control over service areas.

Managed Network Service Pedigree

Networks today must increasingly meet enterprise demands for highly scalable virtual networks, that support automation, open data, and advanced cyber-security embedded across all components. We build resilient and proactive security capabilities, based on visibility, orchestration, automation and an identity-driven approach.

The Multi Layered Secure Managed Network

We provide a multi layered solution: Scalable and programmable, data aware, automated, secure – over an IP network.

Why the Fusion approach works

Diagram - Why the Fusion approach works

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Download the PDF for a more in-depth look at Secure Network Journeys with Fusion Networks:

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