Fusion Networks – On the Telecommunications-as-a-Service (TaaS) Panel

Fusion’s ‘out of the box' thinking makes us a first choice for government agencies to choose our TaaS approved services.

Our TaaS services

  • Managed Connectivity
  • Managed LAN and Wifi
  • Managed WAN, including secure SDWAN
  • Public Cloud Connectivity
  • Legacy Networks – including User and Device Authentication

“We support the philosophy that having companies like ours offering TaaS services approved for use, enables enterprises to make the most fit-for-purpose IT investment.” – Fusion Networks MD Andrew Gurr

Wholly New Zealand owned, we’ve been delivering innovative solutions across secure managed networks, cloud and integration services for more than a decade.

Relative to other panellists, we’re a smaller firm, so we’re agile and deliver customised business solutions, yet our ability to work in focussed teams ensures an inspired approach to problem-solving and the scale to deliver.

We have an equal commitment to technology and client service. We have long-term relationships with our clients and many of our staff have been with the company from the beginning.


TaaS enables Government agencies to collaborate nationwide and deliver citizen-centric focused services in telecommunication and security. Every service solution undergoes revision by the New Zealand Information Security Manual (NZISM) to ensure secure and efficient service solutions are provided.

TaaS is tailored to each agency’s needs, allowing them to select the products and services they require from a range of providers specifically chosen by the Government. Agencies can access the best deals without having to go through a full market Request for Proposal (RFP) process.

TaaS has created an internet for government, called the GNet. TaaS has an internet-like architecture, with suppliers ‘peering’ or sharing their services for greater connectivity.

Fusion is TaaS approved – what are the benefits of TaaS services?

Easier collaboration

  • Agencies are able to merge, separate and co-locate without extra costs or complexity.

Freedom of choice

  • Agencies have the freedom to choose which suppliers and services best meet their business needs.

Greater flexibility

  • There are no minimum terms – agencies can leave a service agreement after just a month – and no minimum volumes. They can buy exactly the type and amount of services they require to meet their evolving needs.

Pay as you go

  • There are no minimum volumes, so agencies pay only for the services they use. If one agency drives down the cost of a service from a vendor, the new lower cost immediately applies to all other agencies using the service.


  • Agencies can secure data at the appropriate level. Security isn’t a barrier to providing services or working more closely with other agencies.

Latest technology

  • TaaS services are flexible to take advantage of innovative technology as it becomes available. Agencies using TaaS services do not run the risk of owning IT infrastructure that is out-of-date or unsuitable for their needs.
We optimise performance

Our reputation is based on our results – delivering winning solutions with the forward thinking and proactivity our clients have come to expect.


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