Tag: Digital Transformation

Forrester Study: Security Through Simplicity

March 20, 2019

At Fusion we help our customers build and deliver simple, practical, scalable and yet measurable security capabilities. Technology can make things overly complex. Even…

IT jobs are emerging that never existed before but can employers keep up?

August 18, 2017

New Zealand’s first Digital Remuneration Report has been released. The report was conducted by Absolute IT, a specialist recruitment company operating exclusively in…

Four Ways To Support Your Customers Through Digital Transformation

February 19, 2017

Digital transformation is a journey that all your customers will embark on sooner or later. Amid massive digital disruption, businesses of all sizes are embracing…

What are the top 10 tech trends for New Zealand in 2017?

February 17, 2017

Digital Transformation (DX) has been a critical topic for business over the last few years and IDC is now predicting a step change as DX reaches macroeconomic levels. By…

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