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Who we are

Our field is IT. That means we turn great ideas into technology that supports Aotearoa. That takes smart, creative thinking. The intellectual rigour to not settle for “close enough”. And the persistence to test and fail, and keep testing and failing until it works, and works beautifully.


It’s hard work. We love it.

We've got ambitious plans. Talk to us about realising yours.  

Meet the team 

Our values

We are Kiwis who understand the need for transformation, who desire more from tech and who are driven to constantly improve.  Our shared values help us improve lives through ideas and expertise, for Aotearoa to learn, grow and flourish.

Partnerships / Rangapū

Make a lasting impression

Commitment / Manawanui

Do as you say you will

Collaboration / Mahi tahi

Work to the same goal

Drive /

Strive for more

Innovation / Aronga whanokē


Find out more

Technology that supports a nation

We work in a variety of industries and technologies across Aotearoa. Check out some of our work.

One stop for all tech services

We design every aspect of your digital environment and customise it for growth. Find out how you can transform through tech.

Our future tech stars

At Fusion, we are passionate about integrating technology across Aotearoa, find out more about our intern programme

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