Our field is IT. That means we turn great technology ideas – our own and our clients’ – into real things that work. 

That takes smart, creative thinking to find a way. The intellectual rigour to not settle for “close enough”. And the persistence to test and fail, and keep testing and failing until it works, and works beautifully.
It’s hard work. We love it.

We've got ambitious plans. Talk to us about making them yours.  

Making things happen

Big things that change the course of your business.

Our mission is to bring the future of technology to all
New Zealanders. 
We are committed to improving peoples lives through ideas, expertise, and the values we share that make us Fusion.

Partnerships / Rangapū

Make a lasting impression

Commitment / Manawanui

Do as you say you will

Collaboration / Mahi tahi

Work to the same goal

Drive /

Strive for more

Innovation / Aronga whanokē



Pat Snedden, Executive Chair, Manaiakalani Trust

An emerging intellectual kind of colossus




Our CEO Andrew Gurr chews up new challenges. Trained first as an architect, in 2000 he took on a BBA in Marketing and in 2009 established Fusion Networks. 
The reason? He wanted to create an IT company that understands entrepreneurs and loves bold ideas. Andrew doesn't stop there. He's the Vice President of Intelligent Transportation Systems, a non profit dedicated to sustainable transport solutions, and has poured huge personal time and effort into intern programmes, digital literacy and pathways for young New Zealanders into technology.



A specialist technology integrator, GM David Till drives Fusion with energy and zeal. The highest level of performance is the norm, not the exception for Dave. And thats why he works with the team to produce proactive, flexible and cost-effective services. Dave has just the sort of dynamism our clients value: taking full responsibility and ownership for every partnership with an absolute focus on results.



Nathan’s expertise has spanned the globe; literally analysing major networks around the world. Nathan gives new meaning to the word wired. He is responsible for all engineering activities across the networks and he is the last point of call for all customers, a troubleshooter in the extreme. Nathan is regarded by clients and colleagues as the most detailed, meticulous and problem-solving engineer in the Fusion team.



Paul loves the challenge of problem solving and getting to the root cause of an issue. He spends the time to fully understand why a problem occurs, or to create solutions to fix it, fully designed to meet business needs.

Trained in computer engineering, Paul works in the networking / consulting side of the business, including firewall configurations. Where he really comes into his element is his specialty area around security. More paranoid than most in that area, he believes in achieving a perfect balance between security and usability. 


Don't take our word for it

Here's what some of our clients have to say.


Fusion has kept pace and grown with us. Fusion staff know what they are doing and understand our needs. If there’s any problem it’s that they exceed our expectations in providing options whilst solving issues that we raise with them.



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Our work covers a variety of industries and technologies across New Zealand.

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We design every aspect of your digital environment and customise it for growth. 

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