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Protect your data at every access point

There are two kinds of companies in this world: those who have been subject to a hacking attempt and those who will be. The question is, how secure is your network when the inevitable attack comes?


The answer depends on many things, including knowing what your staff are up to. Many attacks are made possible by internal users rather than the genius of the attacker. And that's where we can help.

We specialise in cyber security. Among other things, that means that where traditional networks don’t offer visibility across your company network, we do.


We’ve partnered with industry experts to ensure top end security tools, and the latest security technology. We back that up with our own expertise and systems designed to spot threats quickly and act rapidly to shut them down.

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Layer your defence

Understand what your business needs to stay safe

Transitioning to safety

From desktop to cloud, we have you and your team covered

Ongoing support 

Ensuring your staff are ready as your first line of defence

A multi-layered approach

We deliver a comprehensive set of managed cyber security support services, from advanced protection to awareness training and incident response.

Multiple layers of protection and automated integrations mean that identifying, detecting, protecting against, and responding to threats happens sooner and across many fronts.  

As the world becomes more mobile, opportunities for cyber attacks become greater through the use of more devices. Our development team works with established and emerging technologies to build powerful cloud-based solutions for both office-based and mobile teams. That means you’re free to run your business in the most efficient way, without undue worry about security.

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A risk free transition to safety

If your current security is built around a legacy system, migrating to the cloud may seem risky. We specialise in designing, modernising and maintaining legacy IT systems within the cloud, minimising unnecessary changes while maximising actual security. Our in-house cyber security team will support you throughout the journey, ensuring you understand what is happening, answering your questions, and providing any training needed for your team.

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Peace of mind with ongoing support

Good IT is about support as much as the IT itself. We’ve built our business around providing on-site and remote support of our clients’ networks that removes all mystery, resolves issues quickly, and trains our clients in the use of technology. 
Our customer-centric approach also features guaranteed costs for our service – free of hidden charges or delays while waiting for support. All support activities are logged and tracked via our on-line portal, providing total visibility for you and your staff.


Find out how you can tighten up your security with a no obligation review of your environment.


Common types of threats 


The most common type of cyber attack, where reputable sources are used as covers for fraudulent activity.


Software designed to gain unauthorized access, ultimately to take information or cause damage.


Designed to hold your files or system ransom, in exchange for money. Payment doesn't always guarantee return of your IP, so the risk is huge.


Used to disguise outbound traffic as DNS, requests are manipulated to extract data from your system.

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