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Transforming your business beyond the branch 

Your network is the core of your business, responsible for maintaining and enhancing your operation. The adoption of SaaS and IaaS applications and diverse workforces now presents a complexity traditional networks weren't designed to manage and secure.


When data limitations, speed issues and security concerns take you away from meeting your business goals, Security Driven Networking could be your way forward

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Secure network solutions for operational freedom

We support easy, affordable transitions to future aligned technologies. SD-WAN environments significantly cut bandwidth costs and allow greater flexibility, visibility and control. Through intelligent design, and industry leading Fortinet solutions we're moving New Zealand businesses into operational freedom.

Three guiding principles for flexible working

Data access and application consistency for one experience wherever you are.
Enterprise-level security and protection across all SaaS integrations for peace of mind. 
Secure, seamless, fast connectivity into and between clouds. 

Why change now?

A network overhaul can sound daunting. There's data, applications and processes to transition, staff and operations to maintain as usual, and your IP to protect. But let's switch it around. What does staff downtime, operational lag, access or location restrictions, and data cost your business?

We've done the figures. Not only do our intelligent Fortinet solutions set your business up to incorporate future technologies, at 40% of the MPLS cost to do the same it's an easy choice. Give your business the security, flexibility and bandwidth for on site or remote work with the variety of applications you need.

Still on the fence? Ask us about a no obligation audit of your current environment, and we'll show you how we can help take your business forward.


The average cost of IT downtime is US$5,600 per minute


Simple to access, easy to use

Enterprise-level Secure WAN services in a small box solution.

Networks now need to handle a much higher level of complexity. With a Fortinet Secure SD-WAN solution, productivity is enhanced via application-aware traffic steering in a carrier-independent multi-WAN architecture. This enables prioritisation and routing of applications based on your business goals, to achieve optimal user experience.

Minimise network baggage while enhancing your user experience and productivity.

Consistent security, constant connectivity

Consolidated SD-WAN, next-generation firewall.

Fortinet's security appliances are designed to address the increasing need for affordable, high-performance SD-WAN capabilities in the most demanding business and mission-critical networks. The increasing challenges of your expanding attack surface (including remote work, mobility, multi-cloud networks) call for an aligned security fabric. Security-Driven Networking addresses these challenges by tightly integrating network infrastructure with security architecture.


Protect your users at every point

Context-aware security policy and coordinated real-time attack prevention.

In a multi-cloud environment incorporating an increasing number of SaaS solutions, it is especially important that your network is able to distinguish between applications and users to leverage in order to fully protect inside and out.



Talk to us about layering your environment with Zero Trust Network Access and Cloud Access Broker. Visibility, compliance, data security, and threat protection across all cloud applications, whether you're working on-site or remotely.

FortiGate NGFW

Actionable Threat Intelligence

One management console covers SD-WAN, advanced routing, and NGFW controls to protect the entire digital attack surface.


Network access control inside + out.

The flexibility of cloud application use without the headache of an exposed network


Full visibility over cloud application 

Comprehensive insights into resources, users, behaviors, and data stored in the cloud.


Learn how to increase your productivity through smart digital solutions 

Get peace of mind from a secure, cloud optimised network.
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