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Securing your staff and business from human error

Employees are the weak link in an organisation’s network security. 91% of successful data breaches start with spear phishing, with increasingly sophisticated attacks designed to take advantage of human trust and gullibility. 

Your employees are an invaluable firewall when they are trained and aware, with security top of mind.

The top initial exploit causes that allow cyber extortionists to compromise devices and environments (in order of popularity): Social Engineering/Phishing, Unpatched Software, Abuse of Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and Authentication Attacks.

Alexa Young, CA

We have reduced our "clickers" rate by 50% in the first 6 months of use and we have vastly improved our risk score. Our employees are more aware of phishing attempts thanks to the diverse training modules.

Mike C, IT Manager

The training and user testing work seamlessly together. We have gone from over 30% click rate to mostly zero. The ability to set up training for an extended period of time using different topics is excellent.

Our users have proven to be very vulnerable to phishing despite previous attempts to educate them about the dangers of opening links and attachments from messages that have an urgent tone. This solution is easier for users to digest and learn how to reduce this risk and for management to take an upper hand in setting expectations for their direct reports.

Conquering human error

We have partnered with KnowBe4 to provide our customers with a platform to manage the critical IT security problems of social engineering, spear phishing and ransomware attacks.

This is one of the most valuable areas you can incorporate into your security stack. Training provides your staff with the skills to stay safe in the digital world we all  live in. 


The biggest threat to your data? Your staff.


Learn how to increase your productivity through smart digital solutions 

Get peace of mind from a secure, cloud optimised network.
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