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Software to simplify your digital learning environment.

Over the last 10 years, we've seen a huge change in teaching and learning environments. There are a huge number of applications and software packages out there, that enhance (or complicate!) the learning environment. Fusion has focused on finding solutions that minimise the day to day struggles educators experience with technology.

Our recommended suite of software meets a variety of teaching and learning needs, and our team are highly skilled and available to support your school onboard these awesome platforms.

For schools using Google

Education Plus

We're all using Google so this one is a no-brainer. Education Plus means enhanced security features and tools including broader syncing/integration capacity, more stability for larger group collaboration, personalised searching and tailored tools.

The best part: state and state-integrated schools are now able to upgrade to Google Workspace for Education Plus FREE.

For schools with a large number of Apple IOS users

Mosyle / MDM

Ensuring security and simplicity across multiple operating systems can be a headache, which is where Mosyle shines. Reputed for fast, simple and secure deployment of school digital environments to owned or student and teacher BYOD Macbooks, Mosyle provides speedy integration to your school network, and specialised classroom management tools for transparency and enhanced learning.

"We were able to deploy almost 900 MacBooks in less than 2 hours which is absolutely amazing."

- Gulf Shores City School

For schools invested in digital creativity


Creative thinking is an essential part of the new world we are moving into, and Adobe is at the forefront in supporting this change of teaching and learning.

With a vast suite of products, free teaching resources and general training, Adobe software covers communication and learning as well. The most used creative software globally, Adobe will set your students up for their future career requirements.

For schools that implement a high level of online teaching and learning


It's your all in one teaching platform. Hāpara provides a comprehensive dashboard for lesson planning, monitoring student work, instructional delivery, assessment, differentiating instruction, providing formative feedback and collaboration. If you're using Google classroom, enhance with instructional management tools

For schools with heavy SaaS use


If your school uses Google Workspace or MS365, your network may not be providing the full protection you need to keep your cloud-based data safe. Datto enables Fusion to provide an extra layer of protection for email, files and sites hosted in SaaS applications from any kind of unwanted deletion, ransomware, and app overwrite errors. With comprehensive backup and recovery, your information is in safe hands.

For schools with outdated phone systems


We're committed to ensuring our schools have access to future aligned tech, which is why VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is out, and UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) is the way to go! With video calling, messaging and file transfer, call centre functionality and a dashboard of analytics, Fuze is a one-stop-shop for your school communication needs. And it's simple to use -the platform is exactly the same on all devices



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