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Connecting old devices to new technology

The digital divide is a very big gap kiwi educators are constantly trying to bridge. Working alongside our schools, we see the impact daily. A big one: old devices that can't keep up with the pace of new technology, and the expense that goes with it. For educators, it also means time to learn new tools and systems to teach with.

Good news: Google has also identified this issue, and has created a solution, based on a platform we are all familiar with.

The spinning wheel of death

It's a test for the most patient of people when the screen doesn't move from the wheel. And when it keeps on spinning, you lose time, tolerance and sanity. So when you have had it with the device, and the cupboard (or bin) seems like the only option, here's what you can do.

Chrome Flex is an application that allows the Chrome System (ie Chromebook) to be installed on Mac and Windows systems. It gives older, slower devices a new lease on life - and it's FREE via the Chrome Education Upgrade.

Essentially, this smart application refocuses the energy of the device on cloud-based applications we use daily, with less demand on the system.

It's a cool solution. Quick to implement, easy for users and gives us access to the software we are all familiar with.

Flex is supported on many devices - you can check your laptop/tablet model here. It may still work on devices not listed so it's worth testing it out!

As Flex is a completely new operating system, it will wipe the device: so make sure there's nothing on it you need in future. The full instructions to install the system are available below. Try it out here!

Best of all, those old computers that would otherwise go to land-fill can give more students access to digital learning.

Our team are keen to help if your school has a number of devices you would like to renew.

Contact us to answer any questions or to get started!


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