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Environmental disaster averted

How Fusion’s rapid response enabled Landcare Research to deliver on time and on budget

Manaaki Whenua/Landcare Research finds innovative ways to protect and enhance New Zealand’s biodiversity and natural resources, benefitting both our environment and economy.

As a Crown Research Institute, they get most of their science revenue from central and local government, the private sector and Māori organisations. Staying within budget, delivering on objectives, and keeping to timeframes is therefore critical.

But in 2016, they had a project deadline looming and their technology provider at the time badly dropped the ball. If Manaaki Whenua didn’t act fast, they would fail to meet their objectives, miss the deadline and disappoint their stakeholders.


Meeting the challenges

A secure wireless network – with all the right functionality included

The burning issue was delivering a secure wireless network. At the time, their 300+ staff were using a cabled network that came with connectivity issues.

Time was of the essence. Within days, we deployed a secure staff wireless network across multiple sites, providing an identical – yet reliable – user experience to their previous cabled network. For this, we installed Juniper Networks wireless solution.

Manaaki Whenua also needed a different level of access for visitors to protect sensitive and confidential information.

We delivered two unique networks or SSIDs – one for staff, the other for guests. Now reception staff can give visitors time-limited wireless access to a secure and managed guest network using SmartPass technology.

Manaaki Whenua also need staff to have 24/7 access across all sites. With Juniper Network Solutions, if a site controller fails, the next controller immediately kicks in and picks up the slack.

As a result of working with us, Manaaki Whenua delivered on all project objectives, on time and within budget.


A trusted partner

Since then, we’ve been maintaining and upgrading their network, while continuing to provide full wireless coverage at all locations. This includes expanding the wireless system to incorporate Dunedin, Wellington and Parnell sites.

Another significant part of their work is collaborating with other researchers and higher education providers, locally and overseas. To support this, we later added connectivity to eduroam – an international roaming service which provides access to a secure wireless network when visiting other institutions.

We have deep respect for the work Manaaki Whenua does in addressing our most urgent environmental issues. While they take care of that space, we’ll continue working behind the scenes to deliver an innovative and responsive digital environment.


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