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Essential skills to add to your tech toolkit

The digital transition has made learning how to code indispensable for employees. Today, if you seek a world-class job, you must have in-demand programming skills in your toolkit. New technologies are vital for companies these days. Machine learning, for example, has helped organisations increase their productivity and product quality. Virtual reality has changed not only the way we play games but even the way we travel. 2020 saw a massive influx of enrolments in coding bootcamps to supplement base skills across a range of industries. But, with a wide range of programming skills available, knowing which direction to take can be challenging. For that reason, if you are looking to boost your toolkit and be ready for the future of work, here are some tech skills you can’t afford not to learn.


In the digital era, data is becoming the most valuable resource. Companies are taking advantage of gathered information to innovate the market and meet customers’ demands. With the coronavirus pandemic, customers spent more time online and expectations are higher. Python is a versatile programming tool that has allowed professionals to create exceptional insights. For data scientists, learning Python is crucial. Without it, they wouldn’t be able to analyse the vast amounts of information now required to understand customer needs and behaviours.

Python is exceptional for those who seek to start a new tech career. It’s very easy to learn and has a user-friendly syntax. In addition, there’s a huge community of Python developers that are always willing to support new learners. Therefore, no matter what kind of issue you face, you’ll always be able to solve it.

There are several ways to learn Python programming skills with numerous free online courses available. However, with free learning comes pitfalls - habits and 'hacks' from the tutor that can take you down the path of bad practice. Taking a course in a vocational school like Thinkful or Flatiron School will set your base for learning. Check out Bootcamp Rankings for the top coding courses and everything else you need to know about your options for careers with coding.


Websites are now an essential to validate your brand with your audience. As a result, companies are looking for more employees with web development skills. In the future, the need for websites will continue to increase as more organisations are embracing remote work. 15 years ago, people didn’t like to buy online. They felt insecure and would visit a store even if it was 100 kilometres away. The digital transition and the availability of so much more online has greatly changed peoples perspectives and now customers prefer to buy online rather than going to a store. Online shopping enables consumers to buy everything they need without leaving their homes. With the use of mobile apps, it’s even more comfortable.

These days, companies take advantage of websites to attract more customers and offer their services. In addition, an online presence allows businesses to improve their customer service strategies and gather valuable information.

Learning JavaScript is key if you seek to be a part of the future workforce. It will allow you to develop interactive and eye-catching sites within minutes. As you’ll know how to code the backend of websites, employers won’t hesitate to hire you. Whether you want to get a better job or create a personal brand, learning JavaScript skills will be quite handy to achieve your goal.


Most people believe that becoming a web developer requires learning how to code. But, WordPress makes it easy for you. These days, WordPress powers over 30 percent of the web and it’s a great tool for building websites without coding with full template options or combinations of templated and code input. WordPress also offers several features that enable developers to build more interactive websites in less time.

Adding these tools to your skillset is the best decision you can make in 2021. The tech market will always continue to grow and affect other sectors around the globe. Keeping up with new trends and changes can be a challenging task, but as coding becomes the baseline for automation and machine learning, it's a valuable skill to have. New technologies will continue to change how we work, live, and learn, make sure you are part of that change.


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