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Sharpen your business for a new future

Working in transit

Working remotely is something the majority of us have experienced this year. Some of us more than others, potentially because some were set up better to do so. Which begs the question: in a new world where remote working minimises overhead costs, frees up travel time and increases productivity, is your business ready to make the shift?

Polls indicate staff are wanting, if not already requesting to change to a mix of work from home and office. The advantages are huge when your team is well set up, supported and systematised - so let's look at what you need to go from office to remote working.

Backbone Technologies

VPN - The most critical of all.

A virtual private network is the most critical technology of all. It provides a secure communication channel through public Internet connections. With data being our biggest asset, security of your staff and their work should be your top priority. Sites like VPN ratings can help you make that decision, based on your business requirements.

UCaaS - Centralise your communication.

The shift from VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) or your standard mobile and landline operation is an important one, to consolidate your communication channels and give your business transparency over operations. With a product like Fuze you can cut communication costs and increase team flexibility, while maintaining security, and visibility - even if you're a contact centre

Backup and Recovery - Peace of mind

Knowing your data is secure and available can be a challenge. Making sure remote workers have access to backup solutions can make it trickier, which is where both processes and managed support come into play. Secondary backup systems should always be available and localised saving of files omitted. Review policies with staff to make sure they’re following suit.

Cyber Risk - Locking your business up

Cyber security is top of mind, with data leaking and hacks becoming our biggest worry. Firewalls, Antivirus Software, Malware protection, Encryption software are your staples, but engaging your staff to be less susceptible to attack will hugely increase your security levels . Talk through your options with Fusion and look at tools like Cofense to give your system another line of defense

Collaboration - Continuing as a team

Collaboration is key to allowing employee to continue to feel part of the team. Being able to edit simultaneously, share information, access documentation and contact team mates can be a huge hindrance for staff out of office. Minimise email and utilise tools like SharePoint, Fuze, and Microsoft 365 to increase productivity and efficiency. These early adopters of remote collaboration, have added layers of security and access points to give you peace of mind.

Ultimately your IT support team can assist you in prepping your staff hardware and systems to work remotely. Ensuring sure your processes change to accomodate the shift is the biggest challenge, but an essential for everyone wanting to be part of a new remote world.


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