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Why you need an extra layer of security on your email

You have probably seen various instances in the news recently, and perhaps even experienced it first hand. Here at Fusion, despite our overzealous security layers and email protection, we've had several successful phishing attacks on employees in the past year. These have come in diverse forms and have even impacted our employees own bank accounts and personal IP.

Technology alone cannot prevent phishing threats. Your 'Secure' Email Gateway lets in more than you think


Phishing is the #1 Attack Method in global cyber attacks

Many high profile breaches emanate from a single successful phish. Since it typically takes more than 100 days to detect a breach, global organizations need to focus their efforts on prevention and response to neutralise these highly successful attack methods.

Phishing emails still get through

Even with record investments in cyber security, the number of breaches attributed to phishing attacks continues to grow. It’s obvious that “next-gen” technology alone can’t solve the problem. That’s why Cofense solutions focus on engaging human support – your last line of defense after a phish bypasses other technology. See the latest attacks in the news

90% of verified phishing emails were found in environments using secure email gateways

People are the solution

Cofense delivers a comprehensive human phishing defense platform. It fortifies employees and enables incident response teams to quickly analyse and respond to targeted phishing attacks.

Utilise your assets

The combination of Cofense PhishMeTM and Cofense ReporterTM, give you the tools to train your employees to resist phishing attempts. Staff are empowered to become part of the defense by reporting potentially malicious phishing attacks in real time. These include:

• Spear phishing attacks

• Social engineering attacks

• Malware and malicious attachments

• Drive-by attacks

• Advanced conversational phishing attacks

• Business Email Compromise (BEC)

Check out the packages below, designed to support your business at any level:

Find out more about trialling Cofence, and protecting both your business and your employees instantly.

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