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Breaking the #digitaldivide

It's been an area of concern in NZ for some time, but the recent pandemic highlighted the lack of equality around digital access and resources for students across the country. The ability to learn from home continues for students after Covid-19 with after school and self directed study, and we are pumped that the project is now off the ground. Chorus launched the COVID-19 Support Package to work together with MOE and providers like Fusion, to deliver Internet to households over broadband so students can continue to learn remotely.

We, as part of this project, are delivering over 5,000 high speed internet connections, uncapped Internet and wireless router to enable students without proper connectivity to continue learning from home. Fusion has been a long-time supporter of schools, managing near on 100 schools across NZ with their IT and networking to support digital learning. We've partnered with Feenix Communications for the project, to enable the smooth and efficient delivery and support of thousands of students.

To get the routers out, we had Tamaki College on board to help configure and prepare the 5000 routers, now in the hands of students across the country. The calibration and preparation of this mammoth task was supported by Students from the Tamaki College Service Academy, who were given paid roles learning and working alongside the Fusion engineering team. Completed over several weeks, eager students handled a large part of the preparation process. We’re now one step closer to helping give students throughout New Zealand an equal opportunity to continue learning from home.

Our CEO Andrew Gurr is thrilled we are able to “bring together our 10 years of networking, telecommunications and IT services skills into this amazing project. Helping all students to continue to learn from home is an amazingly generous offer from Chorus, MoE and the other supporting providers through NZ. We look forward to delivering a high quality Internet service that helps these learners through this challenging time.”


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