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What this means for Aotearoa

Families will be provided a free internet connection, to allow connection via any device in the household. This makes it possible for students to continue learning from home and keep on top of school work, and for families to gain digital literacy.

It is essential that we work to make sure every Kiwi has the opportunity to access the digital world. Our goal is to support a better future for Aotearoa through technology.

How kiwis access their free connection

Households can request a connection through EDOS by providing details such as key contact name, phone number, address, student names and school or Kura. This information allows EDOS technicians to deliver the right connection to the right place. 


Equity Digital Operation Service

A national programme providing free internet for digital equity in Aotearoa, 

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What happens next

We provide everything you need to get kiwis online. Installation, shipping of the modem and ongoing support for unlimited internet connectivity. Free of charge.

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Households will receive a call from EDOS to set up a connection.

Details are requested during the call.


EDOS sends a modem to houses with next steps and instructions to connect


The local fibre company continues the installation and will contact the household once they have installed the connection line


Internet is ready to go! Further technical support is available through the EDOS helpline


About this initiative

The Ministry of Education now provides free internet connections to eligible households so students can continue learning from home. Fusion Networks have designed the EDOS platform to streamline the processing of household data, deliver the service and provide an opportunity for a better understanding of our country's digital use via internet services. 


Find out more about how we provide IT support in schools and kura.


Internet connection support

Our experienced team offer ongoing support and advice when you need it.

Get hold of us via or call 0800 441 844

If you’re looking for Fusion support services, head on over to our support page.


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